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Artesian Wells in the Laurentians and in Lanaudière

Artesian well

Homes and commercial buildings in remote areas such as the Laurentians or Lanaudière usually require an artesian well to ensure a steady supply of running water. This is because these areas are not serviced by a municipal water system. Les Puits Christian Monette uses specialized techniques to ensure you’ll have access to enough running water with sufficient pressure to meet your needs. Call us!

Two Drilling Methods

Artesian wells are drilled in an effort to reach the groundwater table. This process involves using a mechanical procedure to drill a hole all the way to the aquifer.
To respect your budget and meet your requirements, Puits Christian Monette uses two drilling methods to create its artesian wells.

1. Rotary system — this ground drilling method is performed with a rotary drilling machine.
2. Percussion system — this method is also known as “cable drilling.” Our drill pounds the ground repeatedly with a heavy drill bit suspended by a steel cable.

Comprehensive Services
Using an artesian well to extract water is subject to many municipal and provincial regulations. Fortunately, our services don’t just include artesian well drilling, but all of the logistics surrounding the operation as well.

Among other things, this includes the following steps set forth by the MDDEP:
1. Select tubing that meets the relevant marks of conformity
2. Measure the tubing to ensure that its dimensions are adequate for the client’s environment
3. Install a cover to prevent the contamination of the artesian well
4. Clean the site after the work is complete
5. Test the system, flow rate, and water level
6. Prepare a drilling report that will be issued to the client and to municipal and provincial governments

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