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Hydraulic Fracturing in Lanaudière and the Laurentians With Les Puits Christian Monette

A Second Life for Your Artesian Wells

Over the years, the flow rate of the water that reaches your home can start to slow down. In Lanaudière and the Laurentians, many homeowners have used hydraulic fracturing to increase the performance of their wells. At Puits Christian Monette, we use specialized hydraulic fracturing equipment. Please don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Fracturing

• Although other methods can be used to help improve your flow, hydraulic fracturing yields a relatively high rate of success. 

• This technique is used to clear a blocked water table.
• Hydraulic fracturing gets through fractures that are already present in the rock, thus improving the release of groundwater.

Hydraulic fracturing procedure

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting fluids under high pressure into the well. At Les Puits Christian Monette, we use water for this purpose. By injecting water into the well, the aim is to apply a high degree of pressure on the bedrock crevices to increase fissuring. The water pressure needs to be strong enough to weaken the bedrock. By developing the network of veins in the rock, hydraulic fracturing creates pathways to neighbouring fractures containing additional water.

Hydraulic fracturing requires complex planning, and must be meticulously carried out by experienced professionals. This procedure needs to be done at an adequate depth to prevent surface water from entering the well. The professionals at Les Puits Christian Monette are able to strategically control vein formation.

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